Business Meeting


From Organisation Reviews to Options Appraisals, we are experienced at reviewing, consulting, planning and supporting you through the changes ahead.

Most organisations will, from time-to-time, experience a period of uncertainty. Whether this is an opportunity to review and regroup; to change or set a new direction; or simply to look at the options for the future in greater detail, we call this ‘Reviewing or Changing’.

If you have this type of need, Level Up can help. As your consultant, we will discuss your particular requirements and co-design an appropriate method and timescale to move things forward. We then carry out the work, consulting with any other relevant stakeholders, before presenting findings and next steps/Action Plans etc. Further assistance with communicating and implementing recommendations can also be provided.

Recent examples of what we do include an Organisation Review for a small Charity; a Customer Service Improvement Plan for a £6m turnover ‘Supply & Fit’ retailer; an IT Strategy for a Medico-Legal Services company; a 10 Year Strategic Plan for a leading Social Enterprise.

If you need to bring in an experienced Management Consultant to analyse, confront, and help resolve a ‘change need’ that you have identified, get in touch today.